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  • TechnoLogica awarded the winners of “I am proud with the work of my parents” competition

    6 Dec 2014
    On 6th of December TechnoLogica awarded all the winners of the 2nd competition “I am proud with the work of my parents”. Fifteen youths took part in it, and the judges (all of them TechnoLogica’s employees) decided who is going to be the winner of two different groups – youths and kids.
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  • "I Am Proud of the Work of My Parents" Project 2014

    31 Oct 2014
    For the second consecutive year TechnoLogica opened its doors to the children of its employees within the project „I Am Proud of the Work of My Parents“. On October 31, 24 children aged 7 to 14 years, divided into two age groups, had the opportunity to get acquainted with the profession of programmer, salesperson, GIS specialist, CAD/CAM engineer, accountant and PR expert. Furthermore, they saw how the 3D printer works, how products are designed with 3D software and how to write software for different purposes.
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  • IXth Meeting of the Friends of HeRМeS® under the slogan HR Meets Technology

    23 Oct 2014
    On October 23, 2014 at Sofia Event Center was held the IXth Meeting of the Friends of HeRМeS®, which this year was organized in partnership with Capital weekly under the slogan HR Meets Technology.
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  • Ognian Trajanov is a finalist in the "Manager of the Year 2014"

    16 Oct 2014
    Ognian Trajanov, the CEO of TechnoLogica is one of the ten finalists in the “Manager of the Year 2014” competition realized of the Manager Magazine in partnership with the international consulting company Deloitte Bulgaria.
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  • TechnoMagicLand Competition

    9 Sep 2014
    TechnoLogica announced a competition for proposals for a further exhibition of children’s interactive center TechnoMagicLand.
    More Information

  • 2014 Internship Program

    22 Jul 2014
    On July 21st the traditional internship program of TechnoLogica for 2014 started. Eleven young people eager to deepen their knowledge of software development will take part in it. They represent the following universities: the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", the New Bulgarian University, the Technical University of Sofia, the Bourgas Free University, the "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" University of Bourgas, as well as the University of Edinburgh.
    More Information

  • Maritime Administration Executive Agency presented its new e-services developed by TechnoLogica

    4 Jul 2014
    Today, at an official press conference, attended by the Deputy Prime Minister Ms Daniela Bobeva and the Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Mr Georgi Todorov, were presented the e-services implemented by TechnoLogica for the Maritime Administration Executive Agency. The Agency is one of the pilot administrations under the project “Implementation of Integrated Administrative Services to Provide Quality Services to Citizens and Businesses” and it has had six electronic services developed for its use. TechnoLogica experts demonstrated how to perform a fully automatic online authenticity check for a Certificate of Competence and the data it contains, and how to issue a certificate of years of seafaring experience.
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  • Fifteenth meeting of the Friends of DiTra

    10 Jun 2014
    From June 6th to 8th in Pomorie was held the biggest event in Bulgaria for computer assisted design, management and manufacturing software solutions. The fifteenth anniversary meeting of the Friends of DiTra, the TechnoLogica CAD/CAM center, was held at the Sunset Resort Hotel and it gathered over 120 representatives of manufacturing companies from Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. Among the participants were company owners, technical directors, engineers, as well as lecturers from several universities. Over 30 students from the Technical University of Varna took part in the event where they were able to make contact with prospective employers and to watch demonstrations of the innovations in the CAD/CAM technologies.
    More Information

  • CIBANK puts its trust in TechnоLogica to implement a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution

    2 Jun 2014
    With the completion of the project for a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence system CIBANK has become the first company in Bulgaria utilizing a full package of Oracle products for the support of business decision making, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Data Integrator 11g and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite 11g.
    More Information

  • CASI Project

    14 Apr 2014
    TechnoLogica is one of the 19 partners (research and educational institutions, civil society representatives, policy makers and businesses) from 12 EU Member States, working on the CASI project proposed within the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy which aims to achieve smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. Within this strategy, sustainability was identified as a priority aspect of economic growth for the European Union.

    ’Public participation in developing a common framework for assessment and management of sustainable innovation’ (CASI), has been developed in order to address the fifth grand challenge, the project will focus on technological and social innovation aiming to improve the environmental sustainability of our economies, while at the same time considering the economic and social aspects of sustainability. Project partners will develop a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation (CFAMSI), which will contribute to addressing the current challenge.
    More Information

  • The New BG Economy – a joint column of the Trud daily and TechnoLogica

    14 Mar 2014
    On 14 March the Trud daily and TechnoLogica are starting a joint column titled “The New BG Economy”. Every Friday in the column we will present to the readers different prospering Bulgarian companies to demonstrate to young people that there are opportunities for a good career in Bulgaria. TechnoLogica firmly believes that our society needs such examples because these companies are not well-known publicly, but they give a real contribution to the growth of the economy and inspire hope and national confidence.
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  • TechnoLogica Supports the "Prosperity = Science + Youth" Conference

    29 Jan 2014
    On 28 January 2014, at Sofia Hotel Balkan, was held the "Prosperity = science + youth" conference with the special participation of Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission and Chair of the Science and Technology Advisory Council. The conference was dedicated to the Bulgarian contribution to European science and the development of EU research policies. It was organized by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, PanEuropa Bulgaria and the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.
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  • Bulgarian Expert to Represent Eastern Europe at a Major Technology Event

    28 Jan 2014
    January 27, Sofia, Starting today and ending January 29 in San Diego, California, will be held one of the most important events in the field of CAD/CAM technologies – SolidWorks World 2014. This year the CAD/CAM center of TechnoLogica, DiTra, was invited to join SolidWorks World’s program with a presentation. On the very first day Anton Nanchev, one of the world’s 200 elite SolidWorks engineers, will share his practical experience in thermal analysis. The DiTra expert is the only speaker from Eastern Europe at the event.
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