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  • Hundreds of children attended the "Children's Bazaar of professions” at the National Palace of Culture

    3 Dec 2015
    On 29 November, hundreds of excited children took place in an unforgettable adventure called "Children's Bazaar of professions." The event was organized by the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact, whose chairman is the CEO of TechnoLogica Ognian Trajanov. The bazaar was aimed to introduce in front of the youngsters different professions and trigger career guidance. TechnoLogica once again demonstrated its social commitment to include the organization of the initiative.
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  • World GIS Day 2015

    19 Nov 2015
    On 18 of November, GIS ALLIANCE Bulgaria, uniting TechnoLogica, Mapex, Datex, Datamap, Bitmap and GAP Consult, celebrated the World GIS Day with a seminar and a festive cocktail. The event took place in the modern Sense hotel, where guests had the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of night Sofia from the 9th floor of the hotel. During the cocktail was celebrated the first anniversary of GIS ALLIANCE Bulgaria.
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  • TechnoLogica welcomed children of its employees for the third consecutive year

    2 Nov 2015
    On 2nd of November dozen children took the main office of TechnoLogica within the initiative "I am proud with the work of my parents', held in the software company for the third consecutive year. Because of the event, TechnoLogica welcomed 28 kids aged 7 to 13 years, full of enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. The initiative seeks through specially designed programs and games to reveal the children's creative side of work and demystify money as a value.
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  • TechnoLogica supported students from Sofia University in their chess competition

    24 Oct 2015
    On 24th of October was held tenth jubilee chess tournament of Faculty of mathematics and informatics (FMI) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. TechnoLogica is partner of the event for 10 consecutive times, since its first edition by giving prizes to the winners.
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  • 20 Years Education Center TechnoLogica

    2 Oct 2015
    Education center TechnoLogica is the first worldwide certified education center in Bulgaria. It was established in 1995, when payment for education was not accepted and most of the people were self-study orientated. For those twenty years, the center was quickly growing and now there is a big variety of different courses, not only technological orientated but other, important for the successful development of IT systems, business analyze and project managing. There are some other courses made by individual order of our clients as: “CAD/CAM”, “GIS”, business software and many other in which our company is specified.
    More Information

  • TechnoLogica participate in an agriculture conference

    29 Sep 2015
    On 29 of September TechnoLogica participate in the conference "Challenges for the development of agriculture sector in the new programming period." The event that was organized by ICT Media and Capital newspaper was held at Hotel Balkan in Sofia.
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  • Bulgaria took part in “The World's largest lesson”

    28 Sep 2015
    On 28th September at our capital 10 School "Teodor Trajanov" was held "The biggest lesson in the world" - a global initiative designed to introduce in front of over 500 million children and youths around the world, problems like poverty, inequality and climate change.
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  • Ognian Trajanov was elected for chairman of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact

    17 Jun 2015
    Ognian Trajanov is the new chairman of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact. He and the National Council, were elected by the General Assembly of the organization. Members of the National Council are the companies Overgas Inc., Sopharma AD, ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3, TechnoLogica EAD, Devnya Cement, "Bulgarian Charities Aid" Foundation and University of finance, business and entrepreneurship.
    More Information

  • Ognian Trajanov is a member of the jury of the project Academy "Innovation in Action"

    19 May 2015
    CEO of TechnoLogica, Ognian Trajanov was part of the jury of the socially responsible project Academy "Innovation in Action”, organized by the" Solvay Sodi ". Within the contest, the owner of TechnoLogica and other members of the jury, evaluated innovative projects like "Sustainable development of the environment around us," "Healthy and safety life " and "Technological Innovation".
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  • DiTra held its traditional University day of SolidWorks at the Technical University – Sofia

    7 Apr 2015
    On 7th of April, the traditional day of SolidWorks was held at Technical University - Sofia, organized by DiTra CAD / CAM center of TechnoLogica. The event was held since 2003 and is part of DiTra, "Engineering Education - Solid and Working", which worked for years for bringing business and education in Bulgaria together.
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  • Second place for TechnoLogica football team

    16 Mar 2015
    TechnoLogica football team won second place in the prestigious tournament in futsal 'Greece ambassador’s cup.’ The competition was held between 13 - 15 March, at sport complex “Academic” in Sofia and offer a lot of goals and attractive performances.
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