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Other Sites
  • TechnoLogica takes part in the children’s jobs bazaar for a second year

    28 Nov 2016
    The Children’s Professions Bazaar turned into a true festive event for more than 1600 young visitors who heard 33 presentations and could visit 13 stands. They learned about more than 25 professions, including an actor, writer, geologist, architect, energy sector professional, journalist, veterinarian, chef mountain rescuer, lawyer, prosecutor, gas systems engineer, etc.
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  • GIS Alliance Bulgaria Marks the 2016 World GIS Day

    18 Nov 2016
    On 16 November, GIS Alliance Bulgaria, which brings together the companies TechnoLogica, Mapex, Datex and Datamap, celebrated the World GIS Day for the third time. The event, which is now a tradition, took place at the Central Military Club and included a workshop and a cocktail.
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  • TechnoLogica holds open door day for children for the fourth time

    2 Nov 2016
    On 31 October, at the Development Office of TechnoLogica, 25 children aged 7 to 14 years had the chance to become true heroes for a day during the fourth edition of the initiative “I Am proud of the Work of My Parents”. As part of the exchange between participating companies, TechnoLogica welcomed guests from Bulgaria ON AIR and the children of the software company’s employees had the privilege to visit the TV studios and take a peek at what happens ‘on the other side’ of the silver screen.
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  • UNWE and Sofia University Join the Bulgarian Network of the United National Global Compact

    22 Oct 2016
    The University for National and World Economy (UNWE) and Sofia University Saint Clement Ohridsky are the most recent members of the Bulgarian Network of the UNGC. On 21 October, the chairperson of the Network and Executive Director of TechnoLogica, Ognyan Trayanov, handed over the certificates of membership to Professor Stati Statev, DSc, and Professor Atanas Gerdjikov, DSc, Chancellors of the UNWE and Sofia University, respectively. This took place during the international science conference Economic Challenges: Migration, Globalisation, Sustainability, Policies.
    More Information

  • TechnoLogica organised a personal data management workshop

    14 Oct 2016
    On 13 October, a Personal Data Management Workshop took place in Sofia. The event was organised in connection with the new Commission regulation (EU) 2016/679 adopted in April, which modifies the current rules designed to ensure personal data protection.
    More Information

  • TechnoLogica Takes Part in the Smart Transformation of Municipalities Conference

    10 Oct 2016
    On 6 October in the Albena resort, the second conference dedicated to the Smart Transformation of Municipalities took place. At the conference various projects implemented in recent years that enhance the smart development of the urban environment and prevent a host of different risks were presented.
    More Information

  • TechnoLogica’s Annual Technological Workshop Takes Place

    10 Oct 2016
    This autumn, in keeping with tradition, TechnoLogica brought together its employees to share experience and good practices. This year’s edition of the Technological Workshop of the IT Company took place between 7 and 9 October in Bansko and attended by more than 70 people.
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  • TechnoLogica participates in the prestigious hybrid threats conference

    3 Oct 2016
    Georgi Dukov, Head of the Security Solutions Department at TechnoLogica, made a presentation dedicated to the Human Resources Challenge for National Cybersecurity. He spoke about the wealth of experience of the IT company in the security domain. TechnoLogica has more than 25 years of experience in the sector of national security and defence and has developed and rolled out systems for the defence ministries of Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Ukraine.
    More Information

  • The ninth edition of the DiTra Road Show Is under way

    29 Sep 2016
    On 5th October, the traditional DiTra Road Show will get under way. It will take place over 5 consecutive weeks and will start in Plovdiv. The other towns, which will host the events dedicated to innovation, are Veliko Tarnovo (13 October), Sofia (20 October), Ruse (27 October) and Varna (3 November).
    More Information

  • The TechnoLogica Olympic Games

    19 Sep 2016
    After the end of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic flame was extinguished for 4 years but the spirit of the games is being kept alive by TechnoLogica. On 17 September, the IT company organised a tournament in the multifunctional sport hall in Gorna Malina Village. The event was attended by more than 120 employees of the company, which dived enthusiastically into the myriad of competitions featured on the programme, which included six Olympic disciplines — football, volley ball, basketball, 60 and 1200-meter sprint events and table tennis.
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  • TechnoLogica Supported the 120th Edition of the European Study Group with Industry

    2 Aug 2016
    TechnoLogica was one of the partners of the international forum European Study Group with Industry (ESGI'120) held in Sofia between 25 and 29 July. The 120th edition of the event brought together more than 50 renowned scientists, undergraduates and post-graduate students at top Bulgarian universities, institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and representatives of Ukraine, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
    More Information

  • The 2016 TechnoLogica Internship Programme Gets under Way

    20 Jul 2016
    On 18 July, the traditional internship programme of TechnoLogica got under way. This year, the company will welcome 13 students from the Sofia University, the Sofia Technical University, the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, the Burgas Free University and the Greenwich University. The best applicants were selected in several rounds.
    More Information

  • The TechnoLogica Football Team Finishes in the 8th Place in Charity Tournament

    18 Jul 2016
    On 16 and 17 July, the Technologica football team took part in the third Football with a Cause charity tournament. This year’s edition of the initiative under the motto Together for Natalie, Ivo and Georgi brought together 48 teams united by the idea that football means more than cups and medals. The goal of the campaign was to raise funds for the medical treatment of three children.
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  • Innovations and traditions during the XVII-th meeting of the friends of DiTra

    15 Jun 2016
    From 10 to June 12 at RIU Pravets Hotel, was held one of the most significant events in Bulgaria in the field of CAD / CAM systems, XVII-th meeting of the Friends of DiTra. The meeting brought together over 150 guests, including representatives of industrial companies from Bulgaria and Macedonia and students from Plovdiv branch of the Technical University of Sofia and the University of Food Technologies, who had the opportunity to watch presentations and demonstrations of many new solutions and products of the portfolio of CAD / CAM TechnoLogica center.
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  • Ognian Trajanov participate in the conference "Education and business the future leaders"

    18 May 2016
    On May 11, for third consecutive year was held the conference "Education and business." This year's edition was focused on future leaders and was organized by national television Bulgaria ON AIR and economic TV channel Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.
    More Information

  • TechnoLogica became official representative for Bulgaria of the world's leading engineering solutions Dassault Systèmes.

    20 Apr 2016
    Dassault's software provides companies with a comprehensive set of tools for creation and development of their products to their full technological cycle - from conceptual design, through the entire process of designing team, reliable simulations of their behavior in real terms, to the generation of complete manufacturing and unlimited possibilities for the development of future versions.
    More Information

  • The X-th meeting of the friends of HeRMeS® was held in Plovdiv

    15 Apr 2016
    HeRMeS® celebrated its 20th anniversary during the tenth meeting of the friends of HeRMeS, held on 13 and 14 April in Plovdiv. The event brought together many representatives of various organizations from Bulgaria and Macedonia, including private companies in the field of industry, telecommunications, trade and services, banks, foreign investors and institutions.
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  • The responsible business with an action plan on Sustainable development goals of the United Nations

    3 Mar 2016
    Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact organized a discussion meeting dedicated to the implementation of Global sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The event was held on March 1 and was with the special participation of the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, who presented his vision of the involvement of our country to the work on implementation of the goals.
    More Information

  • System developed by TechnoLogica with prestigious award

    26 Feb 2016
    The realized in 2015 by TechnoLogica upgrade of Personal Information System (PIS) for the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), received the first prize of the "BAIT Awards 2015". The award is in the category Public Administration, where the system fight off competition from 18 other projects. The award was presented by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science prof. Kostadin Kostadinov at a ceremony held on February 23 in Sofia Tech Park.
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  • DiTra with prestigious award from SOLIDWORKS World 2016

    8 Feb 2016
    During this year's biggest and most authoritative CAD / CAM event in the world SOLIDWORKS World CAD / CAM center, DiTra, received another high recognition. The company was awarded with first prize in the category "Resumption of subscriptions to support" within the EuroMed region, where countries like Italy, Turkey and Israel, take a part as well.
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