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Other Sites
  • Children choose their future with “Children's Bazaar of professions”

    5 Dec 2017
    TechnoLogica took part in the third edition of “Children’s Bazaar of professions” – an initiative of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact which introduces children to different professions in order to enrich their knowledge and thus give them the opportunity to model their own future. Together with new knowledge, the Bazaar provided opportunity for the display of unsuspected talents. The children were active participants in what was happening and not only asked questions, but took part in a variety of activities such as 3D scanning and sumo battle with robots.
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  • Train stop “My profession”

    10 Nov 2017
    On 1 November, TechnoLogica, a member of the UNGC and one of the initiators of the project "I Am proud of the Work of My Parents”, held open door day for its employees’ children for the fifth time. Upon arrival, 23 young explorers boarded the Train of Desires, which led them through the vast side of the professions.
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  • The first edition of the “Games for good deeds” project ended with a volleyball tournament

    17 Oct 2017
    On the field “Games for good deeds” opposed against each other, the best athletes from different companies in football, tennis on court, cycling and volleyball competitions, while uniting them outside of the games. Within a few months TechnoLogica and the rest of the members of the Global Compact Network Bulgaria gave a new meaning to sports, combining it with charity. The member companies of the Network held a charity race among themselves that inspired hundreds of people to open their hearts for good.
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  • The tenth anniversary edition of the DiTra Road Show is under way

    17 Oct 2017
    On 19th October the tenth edition of the annual traveling workshops of the CAD/CAM center of TechnoLogica – DiTra starts from Plovdiv. During the annual road show hundreds of engineers and construction designers will learn the latest developments in the product lines of DS SOLIDWORKS Corp., Dassault Systemes, Delcam, Stratasys and Creaform.
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  • The "18th Meeting of the friends of DiTra" Took Place

    9 Jun 2017
    For the eighteenth time, the meeting brought together DiTra’s friends at the beginning of June — more than 130 professionals from the field of 3D design, manufacturing and management. The team of the DiTra 3D Solutions Centre of TechnoLogica presented the latest advances in its extensive product portfolio comprising solutions designed to streamline the competitiveness of industrial companies, including software products, the latest versions of known applications, proprietary software, and certification and training products.
    More Information

  • TechnoLogica Joins the Celebration of the World Environment Day

    8 Jun 2017
    In keeping with tradition, this year TechnoLogica put to practice its concern for the environment and participated in the celebrations dedicated to the World Environment Day (5 June), which took place under the motto ‘One with Nature’. It focuses the attention of people on Earth on the need for shortening the distance between man and nature, reminding us that Nature and people are part of the same whole.
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  • TechnoLogica Specialists Reach the Final of the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017

    5 May 2017
    TechnoLogica’s team of young specialists — Ivelin Ivanov and Stoyan Uzunov — has won, for the fifth year in a row, the annual local competition NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017, which took place in Burgas. Thus, THE BLACK HOLES RIDERS — a team, which also includes three representatives of the Burgas Free University — has reached the finals of the competition where the Bulgarian team will compete against local winners from all participating destinations (a total of 187 cities in 69 countries).
    More Information

  • The Responsible Choice Programme wins international recognition

    3 May 2017
    The Bulgarian programme Responsible Choice geared to open consumption and manufacturing has won one of the five prestigious international awards of the United National Global Compact. The award was received during the Annual Meeting of the UN Global Compact, which took place on 2 May in India under the motto Making Global Goals Local Businesses. The project, which received the award, has been implemented by the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact.
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  • TechnoLogica Takes Part in a 3D Print Forum

    18 Mar 2017
    TechnoLogica and its DiTra CAD/CAM Centre participated in the Second National 3D Print Forum — Forerunner of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which took part on 16 March in Sofia. The Bulgarian software company was one of the partners of the event organised by ICT Media and participated with a presentation and demonstration.
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  • DiTra Receives Prestigious Awards from SOLIDWORKS World 2017

    10 Feb 2017
    the most renowned global CAD/CAM event, has brought DiTra yet another prestigious award. During the forum, which took place between 5 and 8 February in Los Angeles, the CAD/CAM Centre of TechnoLogica won, for the third time, a place between the members of the prestigious SOLIDWORKS Club 100%, which brings together companies that have achieved all their product goals for the previous calendar year.
    More Information

  • Ognyan Trajanov selected to be a judge in the third edition of the Innovation in Action Academy

    28 Jan 2017
    On 24 January, the official ceremony of announcing the winners in the third edition of the Innovation in Action Academy, organised by the Bulgarian branch of Solvey Group, took place. The Executive Director of TechnoLogica and President of the Bulgarian Network of the United Nations Global Compact, Ognyan Trayanov, took part in the event for the second time, having been selected to sit on the jury panel of this socially responsible project.
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  • TechnoLogica Supported the 2017 Burgas Game Jam

    22 Jan 2017
    The third edition of the Burgas Game Jam Hackathon took place between 19 and 22 January and brought together creative types from all parts of Bulgaria who had only 48 hours to develop prototypes of digital and desktop games. The short period aimed to boost the creativity of participants who, pushed for time, would develop small but innovative games.
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  • TechnoLogica Logo Redesign

    3 Jan 2017
    The new logo retains the recognisable and specially designed font and rhomboid symbol dating back to the year when the company was established. The company has remained faithful to the original green colour of the logo but it now stands for green technology as an element of its corporate social responsibility, with steel grey being chosen as a symbol of uncompromising logic which — in synergy with creativity and high technology — lends steely robustness to the products it develops. We also see fire sparks as the symbol of fire, creativity and inspiration.
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