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Other Sites
  • TechnoMagicLand opened its doors for every curious person

    26 Jun 2018
    Led by their curiosity, kids, students, teachers and parents have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge through the most innovative method in modern education – the learning-by-doing concept. TechnoMagicLand was established in partnership with Sofia Tech Park AD and in the character of the joint venture it is set to reinvest its profit, if any.
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  • TechnoLogica took part in the “Bulgarian Careers Fair” in London

    12 Mar 2018
    The event took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in London and brought together over 250 specialists from various fields – IT experts, economists, business consultants, engineers, lawyers and others. Visitors were able to get to know the career opportunities in our country and the advantages of working at TechnoLogica.
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  • Children choose their future with “Children's Bazaar of professions”

    5 Dec 2017
    TechnoLogica took part in the third edition of “Children’s Bazaar of professions” – an initiative of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact which introduces children to different professions in order to enrich their knowledge and thus give them the opportunity to model their own future. Together with new knowledge, the Bazaar provided opportunity for the display of unsuspected talents. The children were active participants in what was happening and not only asked questions, but took part in a variety of activities such as 3D scanning and sumo battle with robots.
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  • Train stop “My profession”

    10 Nov 2017
    On 1 November, TechnoLogica, a member of the UNGC and one of the initiators of the project "I Am proud of the Work of My Parents”, held open door day for its employees’ children for the fifth time. Upon arrival, 23 young explorers boarded the Train of Desires, which led them through the vast side of the professions.
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  • The first edition of the “Games for good deeds” project ended with a volleyball tournament

    17 Oct 2017
    On the field “Games for good deeds” opposed against each other, the best athletes from different companies in football, tennis on court, cycling and volleyball competitions, while uniting them outside of the games. Within a few months TechnoLogica and the rest of the members of the Global Compact Network Bulgaria gave a new meaning to sports, combining it with charity. The member companies of the Network held a charity race among themselves that inspired hundreds of people to open their hearts for good.
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  • TechnoLogica Joins the Celebration of the World Environment Day

    8 Jun 2017
    In keeping with tradition, this year TechnoLogica put to practice its concern for the environment and participated in the celebrations dedicated to the World Environment Day (5 June), which took place under the motto ‘One with Nature’. It focuses the attention of people on Earth on the need for shortening the distance between man and nature, reminding us that Nature and people are part of the same whole.
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  • The Responsible Choice Programme wins international recognition

    3 May 2017
    The Bulgarian programme Responsible Choice geared to open consumption and manufacturing has won one of the five prestigious international awards of the United National Global Compact. The award was received during the Annual Meeting of the UN Global Compact, which took place on 2 May in India under the motto Making Global Goals Local Businesses. The project, which received the award, has been implemented by the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact.
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  • TechnoLogica Supported the 2017 Burgas Game Jam

    22 Jan 2017
    The third edition of the Burgas Game Jam Hackathon took place between 19 and 22 January and brought together creative types from all parts of Bulgaria who had only 48 hours to develop prototypes of digital and desktop games. The short period aimed to boost the creativity of participants who, pushed for time, would develop small but innovative games.
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  • TechnoLogica takes part in the children’s jobs bazaar for a second year

    28 Nov 2016
    The Children’s Professions Bazaar turned into a true festive event for more than 1600 young visitors who heard 33 presentations and could visit 13 stands. They learned about more than 25 professions, including an actor, writer, geologist, architect, energy sector professional, journalist, veterinarian, chef mountain rescuer, lawyer, prosecutor, gas systems engineer, etc.
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  • TechnoLogica holds open door day for children for the fourth time

    2 Nov 2016
    On 31 October, at the Development Office of TechnoLogica, 25 children aged 7 to 14 years had the chance to become true heroes for a day during the fourth edition of the initiative “I Am proud of the Work of My Parents”. As part of the exchange between participating companies, TechnoLogica welcomed guests from Bulgaria ON AIR and the children of the software company’s employees had the privilege to visit the TV studios and take a peek at what happens ‘on the other side’ of the silver screen.
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  • UNWE and Sofia University Join the Bulgarian Network of the United National Global Compact

    22 Oct 2016
    The University for National and World Economy (UNWE) and Sofia University Saint Clement Ohridsky are the most recent members of the Bulgarian Network of the UNGC. On 21 October, the chairperson of the Network and Executive Director of TechnoLogica, Ognyan Trayanov, handed over the certificates of membership to Professor Stati Statev, DSc, and Professor Atanas Gerdjikov, DSc, Chancellors of the UNWE and Sofia University, respectively. This took place during the international science conference Economic Challenges: Migration, Globalisation, Sustainability, Policies.
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  • The TechnoLogica Olympic Games

    19 Sep 2016
    After the end of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic flame was extinguished for 4 years but the spirit of the games is being kept alive by TechnoLogica. On 17 September, the IT company organised a tournament in the multifunctional sport hall in Gorna Malina Village. The event was attended by more than 120 employees of the company, which dived enthusiastically into the myriad of competitions featured on the programme, which included six Olympic disciplines — football, volley ball, basketball, 60 and 1200-meter sprint events and table tennis.
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  • The TechnoLogica Football Team Finishes in the 8th Place in Charity Tournament

    18 Jul 2016
    On 16 and 17 July, the Technologica football team took part in the third Football with a Cause charity tournament. This year’s edition of the initiative under the motto Together for Natalie, Ivo and Georgi brought together 48 teams united by the idea that football means more than cups and medals. The goal of the campaign was to raise funds for the medical treatment of three children.
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  • Hundreds of children attended the "Children's Bazaar of professions” at the National Palace of Culture

    3 Dec 2015
    On 29 November, hundreds of excited children took place in an unforgettable adventure called "Children's Bazaar of professions." The event was organized by the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact, whose chairman is the CEO of TechnoLogica Ognian Trajanov. The bazaar was aimed to introduce in front of the youngsters different professions and trigger career guidance. TechnoLogica once again demonstrated its social commitment to include the organization of the initiative.
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  • TechnoLogica welcomed children of its employees for the third consecutive year

    2 Nov 2015
    On 2nd of November dozen children took the main office of TechnoLogica within the initiative "I am proud with the work of my parents', held in the software company for the third consecutive year. Because of the event, TechnoLogica welcomed 28 kids aged 7 to 13 years, full of enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. The initiative seeks through specially designed programs and games to reveal the children's creative side of work and demystify money as a value.
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  • TechnoLogica supported students from Sofia University in their chess competition

    24 Oct 2015
    On 24th of October was held tenth jubilee chess tournament of Faculty of mathematics and informatics (FMI) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. TechnoLogica is partner of the event for 10 consecutive times, since its first edition by giving prizes to the winners.
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  • Bulgaria took part in “The World's largest lesson”

    28 Sep 2015
    On 28th September at our capital 10 School "Teodor Trajanov" was held "The biggest lesson in the world" - a global initiative designed to introduce in front of over 500 million children and youths around the world, problems like poverty, inequality and climate change.
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  • DiTra held its traditional University day of SolidWorks at the Technical University – Sofia

    7 Apr 2015
    On 7th of April, the traditional day of SolidWorks was held at Technical University - Sofia, organized by DiTra CAD / CAM center of TechnoLogica. The event was held since 2003 and is part of DiTra, "Engineering Education - Solid and Working", which worked for years for bringing business and education in Bulgaria together.
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  • TechnoLogica awarded the winners of “I am proud with the work of my parents” competition

    6 Dec 2014
    On 6th of December TechnoLogica awarded all the winners of the 2nd competition “I am proud with the work of my parents”. Fifteen youths took part in it, and the judges (all of them TechnoLogica’s employees) decided who is going to be the winner of two different groups – youths and kids.
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  • Ognian Trajanov initiates the creation of a TechnoMagicLand polytechnic museum

    21 May 2012
    On the initiative of Mr. Trajanov, on May 15, at the office of TechnoLogica the first meeting of the supporters of the TechnoMagicLand idea was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, research and educational institutions, the business and the media. Everyone shared and discussed their ideas on the mission and vision of TechnoMagicLand – the place for the curious.
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  • Ognian Trajanov shared his experience in innovation management with BAS PhD students

    7 May 2012
    Ognian Trajanov, founder and CEO of TechnoLogica was the guest speaker at a specially organized training for PhD students and young scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences dedicated to innovation management. In his presentation he shared his expert experience as a representative of the business and his ideas as an academic entrepreneur.
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  • Ognian Trajanov opened the annual Alumni Reunion of the Aleksander Foundation

    30 Apr 2012
    Ognian Trajanov, CEO of TechnoLogica shared his views on Bulgaria in 2020 in terms of information technology, development of the economy and the society. There was also a discussion on the topic of Bulgaria 2020 and everyone attending the meeting had the opportunity to present their position.
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